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So. Some silly little ideas for physcomp projects.

  • Standing Pot: A coffee pot that cooks your coffee while vibrating the liquid with a standing wave
  • Super Strong Alarm: A super strong alarm system. Have it set up to also drop say… textbooks or rocks or knives or naked womenz on you when your alarm goes off in the morning.
  • Pebble Rock Security System: Have a system, where if you open a door while pressing a secret button, the next person to follow you in gets smashed on the head with a large club while a speaker says “BAM BAM!” Useful for situations where you’re followed into your house by unwanted guests. Also useful for situations where you want to placate angry partners, quiet noisy children, or relax uncomfortable dates.
  • Stalker Domo-Kun: For a haunted house thing. Make a domo-kun. Mount in on say a wall or something. Give it creepy dangly arms. When someone walks buy, have it decide to follow or not follow that person, but only while that person is moving. OR, have domo-kun be a robot on the floor. Hopefully he won’t get stepped on. He will randomly follow people that are moving, but stop when they stop. If they catch onto his game, they can say… press a button on his head or something and he’ll idle for a bit before going for someone else.

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