Idea Factory, part 2

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OK! Unloading the old noggin again.

  • Hat Angle: As a man, you should wear your hat at a rakish angle. However, finding the right angle for you can take quite alot of mirror work. And once you find it, if you take off the hat, you have to find it again the next time. So, make a device that remembers the position at which you last wore your hat, allowing you to make only minute adjustments the next time.
  • Sk8ter Love: So yea, I bought a skateboard a few months ago, but this-and-that happened and I havnt been able to ride it more than 4 times. But! From what I’ve noticed while teaching myself to ride, I have a tendency to get .. not scared, but unnerved while going down steep hills really fast (or at least really fast to me). It would be nice to have some sort of feedback device letting me know ~how fast I’m going or that I’m still on balance. Give me some artificial confidence … or let me know that if i don’t hop off soon I may die. Also.. can someone teach me the proper way to stop on a skateboard? :(
  • Auto Airbag: This would be a personal airbag, you could strap onto your body. It detects when you’re moving faster than a certain speed, say… 9.8 m/s and when a collision w/ something is immenent it deploys an airbag in that direction. So you could possibly just throw yourself at the ground… at the walls… at people all day long and never suffer any damage.
  • Exersize Buddy: Mmm, I’ve not really worked out at all since I started the moving process a few months ago. And trying to fit in gym time while living in BK and school in Manhattan hasn’t really been working out. Usually I get to ITP with only 15 minutes to spare and by the time I’m finished my work on the floor I just wanna go eat/sleep/die. But the real problem lies at home. I absolutely hate working out just by itself. If i’m at the gym then I’ll get in a solid hour because I don’t want to end up looking like a punk. But at home, it’s just me… and I lack motivation. So! Introducing the Exercize Buddy. You put a number in the system and have to touch two things togehter 100 times. It turns into a game. Touch them together by doing pushups, jumping jacks, situps. Oh yea, and it yells encouragement at you, Ahnold Shwartz style. “Ya… do eet. Pump dat iron!”, and such.

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