Old work

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Was cleaning out an old backup drive and found this on there. Did it back in summer of ’09 with Xue. Somehow or another, I never posted it. o_O

Anyhoo, here ’tis.

River – A giant baby head

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So. Here’s a sketch for the basic idea I have for my video sculpture final project.


It’s changed a bit since I made that sketch. Here’s the skinny:

The orficies of a (giant) baby’s head as an entrance into baby dreams of their past lives.
Using the eyes, nose, mouth and back of head as portals.

For head: A curved surface with broken mirrors lining it..

For the eyes, a rapidly twitching eyeball representing REM sleep in one and an infinitely zooming picture in another (content to be decided: theme is past lives).

In the mouth I want to do something where its big enough to put your head in. On the bottom would be a kinetic sculpture scene reminiscent of philip beesley’s stuff the main interaction would be blowing on it. On the sides would be speakers encouranging to blow in one year and babies crying or eating in another.

In the nostrils.. a tiny screens showing an abstraction of smell.

I’m working on this idea w/ mol-mol