Methods of Motion

Storyboard and image collection

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I’m working with Nahana for this project. Our basic storyboard and a collection of some of our resources for the animation. The story is that there’s a little boy who has no eyes. He goes on a journey with a talking monkey to get eyes. When he gets his special eyes though, he’s so terrified by what he sees that he decides to gouge his eyes out.


Storyboard for Relationships

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Storyboard for a claymation animation to be finished next week. We’re going to try to make sure the development is clearly shown in each shot and we’re thinking of changing the 4th shot to make it way over the top. Sound will play a huge role in this, but we’re going to be short on time so I’m not sure if that will manage to be as polished.

(Flip Book) Baby in a Blender

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So the idea was to make a flip book. At first I was going to take Ken from street fighter and do his shoryuken finisher. Then I realized that this is a flip book and that the animation is probably only going to last about 6 second. So… brainstoming time.

I let my brain have at it and the logical progression was thus:

Shroyuken = martial arts = punching = the point of impact of a fist on an object = fist to face = face getting blown off by force of punch, leaving a skull = baby-in-a-blender.

So I’m in the process of making a baby-in-a-blender flipbook that will be title’d “Impact.” Sounds good eh?

So I’ve storyboarded and timed it out in my head and I think I’ll do it by hand in pencil. I’ll use a soft pencil to trace out broad outlines, a softer one to fill and color’d pencils for the blood n stuff.

i’ll post the results once i’ve finished it.

Waltz w/ Bashir

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So I saw Waltz with Bashir a few weeks ago and I have to admit, I was impressed. Setting the story aside, the animation was beautiful. Very crisp and clear and a mix of different styles were used to great effect.

I was actually pretty disappointed at the end of the movie. I think they were trying to go for some sort of shock value, but they failed in that. I actually got more emotion from the scene right before the end where he’s walking through the sea of mourning women than from the real footage. But that’s the only place where I felt the movie failed. The storyline was very engaging.