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Baby Dreams

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So the baby head project has been renamed to “Baby Dreams.” No one knows what a baby dreams about. This sculpture tries to capture the essence of those dreams.

Here’s some photos from the making of.

modeling river

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I made a couple models to get a grasp of the scale and shape of the giant baby head before actually making it. It really helped me in terms of getting a grasp of how to setup the wireframe and everything.

River – A giant baby head

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So. Here’s a sketch for the basic idea I have for my video sculpture final project.


It’s changed a bit since I made that sketch. Here’s the skinny:

The orficies of a (giant) baby’s head as an entrance into baby dreams of their past lives.
Using the eyes, nose, mouth and back of head as portals.

For head: A curved surface with broken mirrors lining it..

For the eyes, a rapidly twitching eyeball representing REM sleep in one and an infinitely zooming picture in another (content to be decided: theme is past lives).

In the mouth I want to do something where its big enough to put your head in. On the bottom would be a kinetic sculpture scene reminiscent of philip beesley’s stuff the main interaction would be blowing on it. On the sides would be speakers encouranging to blow in one year and babies crying or eating in another.

In the nostrils.. a tiny screens showing an abstraction of smell.

I’m working on this idea w/ mol-mol

Into the Looking Glass

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There is a super-natural force in this world that, for lack of a better name, is known simply as “The White Rabbit.”

This being is the guardian of the gates between worlds. Though seeminlgy uninvolved, it is believed by an enlightened few that it holds a large malevolent force at bay by the virtue of its actions. Using its powers of transfer, it is occassionaly encountered by rather unprepossessing individuals and opens paths for them to other worlds. It never forces, hardly ever coerces, but they always go. These individuals then go on to other worlds, affecting major large and long term changes, often for the better, before their eventual return (or lack thereof) to their original worlds.

A few unlucky individuals have tried to capture or control the white rabbit. All have ended in failure. The most spectacular and famous of these was done by one Professor A. Vyule. He made a remark to his colleagues on night that he was going to invoke and control the white rabbit and use its power to travel this world and beyond.

And travel he did. All over Europe, several parts of him were found, all imprinted with a small burnt tattoo of a white rabbit.

Needless to say, such attempts did not continue. The old method of sitting in fields under cozy trees, waiting for a chance encounter seemed like a much better way of going about things.

Still, his experiment did bear some fruit. Found clutched in his right hand (Spain) was a thick piece of glass engraved with a small white rabbit. It was thought to be a careless piece of rubbish at first, but then a young child held it up to the light and reported seeing scenes from another world.

The news spread like wildfire. People came from all parts of the world to study it. Eventually, one smart scientist found that by embedding the glass to the end of a spyglass, its powers were magnified and you could see remarkable landscapes from this world and those beyond.

And so we present to you the Jewel of our Arcane Collection:

A. Vyule’s Looking Glass