4-in-4, day 2 – poetry “difficult”

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I was given the topic “love” to write for a poem.


thin lips and eyes
to wind –
through marriage of wine
dancing moments
and kiss from hot wings

smooth like a fire
like a
stolen hag
belly rotten green and gray
and a wind passes through the centre

next to me sits heaven.
next to me sits hell.

confusion and dialect
run rampant discourse
through the ides
of my mind.
rythm beats time
through glass eyes,
the rind of a misbegot soul.

two secrets,
twp secrets and falling.

inner peace and outer beauty
out of the rabbit
hole of hopes and dreams and fears and farts and
tiny little men
that doze inside of my head.

envision the world for me
a bucket of ice that hits your sides
that being called shame
the frightful foe.

that that that
that that

and then the words won’t come out

this flock of signs that
rule the world
and yet, and yet, and yet, and yet,
you notice, you know, that there is
all but the fiercest moment
when you decide,
trusting instinct.
the world will follow.

imagine a man
perhaps his top hat
double suit
new shining-ish dandy

imagine a woman
beauty thorough
with teeth of gold
and silver and black
smiling to cure the .


why cure?
why heal?
why forgive – finesse the sin?
this is the falacy of the world.
pull yourself to the centre.

in the center you will find the rythm.

the only goal of love is to kill
the broken blister
doubt and brown baguette.
a red tailed magic and fine boned teeth
align a wall of brown
and pale cream skin.

let not the eye which spawns the food
spring forth from the foreheads of demons.

there exists a truth.

music is sunlight
sunlight is rythm
sound from light and light from sound
the sound vibrates my body.
the light vibrates my soul.

and uns
turns into sun.

together and one
the warm place together.
open the big green door.
magic flute and play
me the song.
show me the light of the moon, oh m
an  oh man of six arms.

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