escalate nirvana

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This is the start of an experiment i did that takes a collection of found movie clips and looks at how small events can escalate into big ones; and the how time and distance turns big events into small events which in turn escalate into big ones again.

Escalate Nirvana from jjohn on Vimeo.

The music is all from the found videos (mostly from and the arrangement in the beginning and end is from I couldn’t find all the pieces I wanted though and generating the content by hand would have been against the nature of the piece. So lets call this version 1 =).

Also, special thanks to Nisma and Allison for their modeling time with this.


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Here’s an animation I worked on, telling a story while trying to use very few elements.

Got some good feedback on this. Let’s call this version 1. The next step will be to re-order some of the elements, clean up others and re-do certain pictures to centralize the importance of the potato as the main source of conflict. Just as soon as I have some free time…

stuff I’m working on right now

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So, I’m working on a paper cut out stop motion animation w/ Xue. You can find some really pretty documentation on her blog

My camera is still defunct, which is why I don’t have any documentation of the above. Looking to buy a new one. I spent a weekend playing around with the new Lumix DMC-LX3. It’s pretty sexy and after playing around with the one in the ER for a few days, I think I want it. Unfortunately it’s sold out. :(

I’ve been working hard on a Facebook game for WaterAid America with Scott and Asli. It’s coming along nicely, though of course delayed (as these things often are). We’d hoped to be done by this friday but most likely it’ll be another week before we start any sort of serious user testing and another month before the game is in a state to be released to the slavering masses.

My last summer project is going to be located at It’s pretty much what it sounds like, but that’s the only hint i’ll give about it ^_^

Also, it’s about high time this website got a new look. I’m definetly tired of this one.

Storyboard and image collection

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I’m working with Nahana for this project. Our basic storyboard and a collection of some of our resources for the animation. The story is that there’s a little boy who has no eyes. He goes on a journey with a talking monkey to get eyes. When he gets his special eyes though, he’s so terrified by what he sees that he decides to gouge his eyes out.