A horse!

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Finally started drawing again.
This time, a horse.

I used illustrator gradient maps to draw the horse and finished up in photoshop.


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First vector thing I did in a while… Getting back into a creative mood and gearing up for a super awesome animation w/ Xue.

Interactive Image Generation

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This week I took advantage of Lara’s thesis projectand used her controllers to create a simple way of generating some cool images. I modified some code I found on to create the curves. The videos are sped up to 3x speed. I found they looked better that way.

I used two of Lara’s sensors. The color is controlled with her plush dual sensor ball and the length of the curves and speed at which they come out is determined by her stretch sensor. It takes at least two people to play with this. I wanted to use a couple of her other sensors to control more of the image, but they were undergoing some formatting at the time. I’ll have to play around with em later.

Sound Map

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Connnected with another project idea I had, the idea behind this was to use the sound of my environment to slowly reveal something. The noiser my environment was, the more of a picture I’d see.

I started grabbing pictures at 5 minute intervals, starting at 15 minutes and ending at 60.

Originally, my idea was to turn on text to speech on my computer and have everything I copied or typed whispered out in a creepy computer voice. That only worked well when there wasn’t too much sound. Above a certain sound level, the sound was washed out by the environment so that only 1 or 2 people close to me could hear it. I wanted to do it in class, but most of my classes these days are presentations and not really stuff I feel comfortable interrupting.


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Think of this as am embodiment of my desire to reach beyond my limits and grasp the supposedly unattainable. (lol)

If I had to do it again, I’d make the bones of the fingers about twice as long, use sturdier gloves and perhaps choose springs that aren’t so tight. I made it by modifying this tutorial I found online.