4-in-4, day 1 – weather viz

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I did 4-in-4 again this spring.

On the first day of christmas…

well, I’ve never really played around with this sort of stuff so I decided to make a simple visualization of weather temperature and wind data using Processing. You can plug any image into this sketch. Just remmeber to change the width and height values. (Also, it plays nicer with even numbers). The colors it changes to depends on the outside temperature.

You can download the source and play with the app here.

Writing Fail?

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My idea of posting a new written thing every day is going through a bit of fail. I will perservere though. Yesterday I wrote something, but didn’t post it here. Tonight i will continue strong! However, in spirit I’m still winning. I’m averaging approx. 1 writing per day.

This is what I did last night. A bit of a cop out but… meh

It’s Friday night and

I have nothing to do.

I find


at loose ends.


Once upon a time,

this would have distressed me.


it’s a bit of relief.


Perhaps this is what

they call “getting older.”

Or perhaps it has something to do with my constantly busy life.


In any case I grow restless.

I just finished my last book.

It takes a




for a minute

to pass

on a clock that doesn’t tick.


It’s time for some mischief.

I need you

- you -

to guide me.

Tell me, O wise ones.

What should I do?


I could go kill a bottle

but I [never]

drink alone.


I could call up a friend

but its a hassle

to press

that button on the phone.


Besides its friday night.

They’re probably not



There’s always masturbation

which is meta.

And meta.

And though it can pause cancer,

I’ll end up in the same position.


It’s 9.45.

Help me.

I don’t know what to do.


Or call me.

You know the number.


Light Sculpture: “The Life of a Man”

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Here’s a light sculpture I worked on with Nahana. We were looking at the ideas of free will vs determinism as well as Plato’s cave.

The title is The Life of a Man.

P1000795 (2)P1000794 (2)P1000793 (2)P1000789P1000804 (2)P1000805

As for the readings…

So the manifesto was kind of wierd. I couldn’t tell wether it was real or meant as a joke. It was hard to tell really and in either case I couldnt really take it too seriously with that harsh red background.

The zedenik reading was alright. It provided an interesting look into the life and work of a kinetic artist and a few of the problems he faced.

4 in 4 summer 2009 (day 4)

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Well on day 4 I decided to redesign this website from scratch.

For posterity, and also, eventually in the images section. Here’s a screencap of a near final version of it.

I managed to finish most of the actual design for the blog section, but I ran out of time before I could try and build a CMS for my media and portfolio.

Update: As of now the CMS is pretty much done. Just did a very simple plug and chug thing in php.

4 in 4 summer 2009 (day 3)

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On the 3rd day I made a song using sounds I’ve been continually collecting from M-Audio’s and the media lab for the past couple months.

Actually, I got bored after a while and decided to stop :/

4 in 4 summer 2009 (day 1)

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So this summer I did 4-in-4 again.
I blogged about it on their site and finally updating it here.

So on the first day I made portraits of 6 people: “Karla Calderon, Diego Rioja, Xue Hou, Jorge Just, Elizabeth Fuller, and Oscar Torres.”

I didn’t focus on their actual physical appearance (for the most part), but on how I perceived them. For pictures I’ve included two versions. One with lineart, one without. I also put the original sketches at the end.
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