Train Watch

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So here we sit. Our laptop is broken. We cry. We cry. And then we remember. So trains go places. And we go with them. Our sleepiness and bookreading goes with us. The train stops interrupt. Grr. Why do you interrupt? Why?

So we no longer notice the stops. But the end approaches. The end of our journey. The end of our life on the train. The end of all things trainy. A notification is required.

Viola! Train Watch. It buzzes, it beeps, it blinks. Ok, that was a lie. It only buzzes. We have data, yes we do. Data the likes of which you have never seen. We can haz colored linez? Yes. Yes we can.

STOP. Image time.

The Key:
color == data
red — x
green — y
blue — z

purple — distance
teal — speed
black — acceleration
vertical blue – stops/starts

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