a movie and some statistics: waste for the week

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Consumption from Milena Selkirk on Vimeo.


I worked with Milena for this assignment. We were inspired by a scene from the Disney classic animated film Lady & The Tramp, where Lady and the tramp share a bowl of pasta and decided to use it as a metaphor for energy. See the original clip here.

I tried to calculate my waste in terms of weight or amount. I found out that pretty much everything I used this week was recycleble. That’s nice, though it seems to be more by design than accident.

  • ~10 lbs or assorted paper & plastic recycleable garbage
  • ~500 gallons of water used ( calculated using this )
  • not sure how to measure electricity use but i have 2 game consoles constantly plugged in (if off most of the time) and my computer is on/plugged in almost 24/7

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