Small, cute girls are poop machines.

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So… small, cute girls are basically poop machines.

No, wait. Think about it.

How much do they eat? Now, I’m not exactly what you’d call petite, but i’ve noticed on more than a few occassions that my dining partners will transform from small cute girls to small, black holes. The gaping vortex that is their stomach holds an elder god name Xirfax and he demands MEAT! (and chocolate.)

And then, how small are they? All that food has to go somewhere… and it’s definetly not their height. Or their waists. No. Let’s say a fair bit of it is converted to energy. Then there’s still the waste to deal with. And that fair bit, actually quite a big bit when you think of breakfast, lunch, midafternoon tea, and dinner… is Poop.

Furthermore, the bathroom! Why do they always go in pairs? Its because their shits are so massive that they need a second person to hold their hands and for emotional/moral support. Its exactly like giving birth. Scotty comes up and yells in the ear, “CAPTAIN! WE HAVE A BREACH IN SECTOR 3!”

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